Discover Unforgettable Fun Sex Positions

Naked CoupleWhen it comes to sex, both partners definitely go for the big “O”. As much as possible, you want to bring your partner to orgasm. Facts have it that almost 99% of men will experience it during sexual intercourse, while women tend to fake it if they do not. There is no need to fake it when you know how to benefit from unforgettable fun sex positions.
The Male Orgasm

Men are most likely to reach orgasm ahead of women. The question is therefore not as much as how to bring your partner to his climax, but how to make him climax longer. Here are some things to remember:
Men will usually focus on their performance first than taking delight in their orgasm. They get their satisfaction from knowing that they have brought their partners to the climax, whether their partners are faking it or not.
To avoid this, you can encourage your man not to focus on how he can pleasure you or you can also take control in delighting your man. By being the active partner during the intercourse, you are allowing your man to focus on what he feels rather than how he performs in bed.

Men reach orgasm at a faster rate than women do. There are times when they simply come, while it takes a lot for women to do so. The key therefore is to help your man hold the orgasm longer so you can come together.
To do this, you need to divert his urge to come. You can employ some delaying techniques such as giving him a sensual massage, or choosing fun sex positions. An example of this is a position that has you on top. This is one good way to restrain your man from thrusting. With you in control, you can guide your man until you come together.

The Female Orgasm

While men want to bring their partners to orgasm, women wish to experience it. More often than not, the male who wants to give it usually gets it and the female who wants to experience it seldom does. The trick for both partners is to get your minds off reaching the big “O” and just let your intercourse flow naturally.

An effective way to divert your attention to bringing each other to orgasm is to do fun sex positions. When you are having so much fun in bed during sex, you will forget about orgasm as a goal, and instead enjoy the process with orgasm as a result.
Before the act itself, the male can already prepare his partner for orgasmic pleasure. For instance, good sense of humor never fails to impress women, and the male can use this to stimulate and arouse his partner.

During the act, you can help your man find the spot that can deliver maximum pleasure to you and make you climax. Guide your man to thrust not just in and out but also up and down. Together, move in circular motions varying the speed and intensity of each thrust, with you matching the moves of your man in harmony. Fun sex positions can make the act unforgettable, as you and your partner reach orgasm together.


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